Meet Your Dentists

Dr. Shian graduated from the Behesht University in Tehran, with distinction. After finishing his studies in 1997, he obtained a license to practice in the UK. He set up his first private practice in London Bridge, providing dental care for both residents and local businesses.

In 2018, Dr. Shian fell in love with the stunning scenery of Ontario. It was an easy decision to move his family and his practice over! With a new idea for dental care and over 20 years of clinical practice, he collaborated with Dr. Bahareh Behfar to create VMS Dental, your new
favorite dentist, Vaughan, Ontario.

- Dr. Ali Shian

Dr. Bahareh Behfar graduated in 2006 from the University of Toronto. Shortly after that, she opened a practice in Barrie, which she ran in between getting married, having 2 kids, and running as many marathons as she could!

She loves working with kids especially, and her mission is to make them as comfortable as possible when in her chair. Dr. Behfar values a holistic approach, paying particular attention to patients’ needs and how their dental care fits into the bigger picture.

She collaborated with Dr. Shian based on their mutual idea for a different kind of dentist, and VMC Dental was born.

- Dr. Bahareh Behfar